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History Advisory Committee

Photo credit: Courtesy Ronald Reagan Library

The History Advisory Committee 

Dr. Alan M. Kraut, Chair
University Professor, Department of History
American University
  Dr. John Haworth
Director, George Gustav Heye Center
Smithsonian Institution
National Museum of the
American Indian

John Bodnar
Chancellor's Professor, Department of History
Indiana University
  Dr. Philip Kasinitz
Presidential Professor of Sociology
Graduate Center and Hunter College CUNY

Lonnie Bunch
Founding Director
National Museum of African American History and Culture
  Dr. Virginia Yans McLaughlin
Distinguished Professor
Department of History
Rutgers University

Dr. Kathleen Neils Conzen
Thomas E. Donnelley Professor Emerita of American History
University of Chicago
  Dr. Timothy Meagher
Associate Professor and University Archivist
Department of History
The Catholic University of America

Dr. Eric Foner
DeWitt Clinton Professor of History
Columbia University

Dr. Mae Ngai 
Lung Family Professor of Asian American Studies and Professor of History
Columbia University

Dr. Nancy Foner
Distinguished Professor of Sociology
Hunter College and the Graduate Center, CUNY
  Diana Pardue
Chief, Museum Services Division
Statue of Liberty National Monument
And Ellis Island
National Park Service

Dr. Maria Cristina Garcia
Howard A. Newman Professor of American Studies
Cornell University
  Dr. George Sanchez 
Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity and History
University of Southern California

Dr. David Gerber
Professor Emeritus Department of History
University of Buffalo, SUNY
  Dr. Rosemary Zagarri
University Professor History and Art History
George Mason University

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