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The First Passenger to Arrive at Ellis Island

March 1st, 2006


A young Irish girl named Annie Moore was the first passenger registered through the now world-famous immigration station when Ellis Island officially opened in January 1892. Just 13-years old, Annie traveled with her two younger brothers, Anthony and Phillip, from Queenstown (now Cobb) in County Cork, Ireland on the S.S. Nevada. All three children would soon be reunited with their parents, who were already living in New York City.

The S.S. Nevada manifest lists young Annie Moore as a "spinster." This and other captivating facts about Annie are now featured at This free online database for The American Family Immigration History Center® includes Annie Moore’s passenger record and ship manifest among the 25 million entries that document the arrival of immigrants and travelers who came through the Port of New York and Ellis Island between 1892 and 1924. The site also features over 800 ship images, including the S.S. Nevada that brought the Irish girl and her brothers to America. Forty percent of Americans can trace their roots back to at least one ancestor whose records are included in this database.

The American Family Immigration History Center® is located at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. Its online database has had over 7 BILLION hits since its launch in April 2001. Its fascinating treasure trove of historical information makes one of the most popular genealogical destinations on the Internet.

Discover the arrival records of the legendary Annie Moore and your own family ancestors at:


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