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About Family Histories

Family Histories

These family immigration  stories were submitted by our Members.

You can search this archive of stories by immigrant name or by the name of the person who submitted the story.

We invite you to share your own family immigration story with us: when your family came to America and why, the challenges they faced in leaving the homeland and settling here, and how your family has become a part of the American Experience. This offer is for all Members – whether you arrived on the Mayflower, came through Ellis Island, or just became a new citizen in recent years.  And if you live across the world but have an American branch in your family tree, we welcome your story, too.


To submit your story, you must be a Foundation Member. Begin your submission by going to your Profile page and selecting the Family History tab. Click the Add Family History button and follow the form to upload your story. Family histories may include up to five photos and video. You can also link to your ancestor’s arrival manifest or inscribed panel on The American Immigrant Wall of Honor. We hope you join this online archive where others will be able to enjoy and learn from your family’s immigration experience.

Note: Since these are user submitted stories, the Foundation does not guarantee that they are truthful, accurate or complete. See Terms of Use.


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