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Family Group Sheet


Download Your Own Family Group Sheet!

While a Pedigree Chart is used to see direct-line ancestors, the Family Group Sheet is used to display detail for all individual members of a family group. Often, tracing the details for a sibling of your direct-line ancestor will help uncover a clue that would otherwise remain hidden.

Family Group Sheet 

The first page of this form can be used separately for families with fewer than 6 children. When completed, this one sheet contains detailed information for 3 generations. Data captured includes name, gender, dates and places for birth, baptism, marriage, death, and burial. This form also allows you to record the source for each fact recorded. Additional pages may be required depending upon the number of children or for multiple marriages for one or both parents. 

Family Group Sheet - Page 2 

Continuation of form with space for 7 additional children. (Spaces numbered 6 through 12) 

Family Group Sheet - Page 3 

An optional third page with space for 7 additional children. For use with families that had more than 12 children. (Spaces not numbered) 

Genealogy charts require Adobe Reader® software which can be downloaded free from the Adobe Web site.  If you already have Acrobat, you're ready to begin! 


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