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Wall Of Honor Registration Guidelines

Wall of Honor Registration Guidelines

In order to properly register your honoree names, please read the following:

Acceptable Honoree Formats - ONE NAME ENTRY.

  • John Smith
  • John A. Smith
  • The Smith Family
  • The John Smith Family
  • The John A. Smith Family
  • The Mary Thompson Smith Family
  • Mary Thompson Smith

Acceptable Honoree Formats - TWO NAMES ON ONE LINE.

  • John and Mary Smith
  • John A. and Mary T. Smith
  • John and Mary Jones Smith
  • The John and Mary Smith Family
  • The Thompson-Smith Family

$1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 contributions are entitled to two-lined entries, specially placed on the Wall.

An entry is a maximum of 40 characters, including spaces and punctuations.

Names will be listed alphabetically

In a two-name entry, the word “and” is written out (John and Mary Smith, not John & Mary Smith)

Titles are not used. No Mr. or Mrs., M.D., Esq., Rev., General, etc. — Jr., Sr., III, etc. can be used.

English language alphabet letters only are used, with no accent marks.

Parentheses or quotation marks are not used. John (Jack) Smith or John “Jack” Smith will be entered as John Jack Smith.

When honoring a female member of your family, you might consider listing her first name, maiden name and then her married name.

When honoring a family name, we recommend using a first and last name (e.g., The John Smith Family.) Please note that “The” and “Family” are always used in such an entry.

Specify upper and lower case letters and spacing where necessary (e.g., von Wyck, DiBello).

Country of Origin does not appear on the Wall. It is in the computer data bank and is shown on the Certificate of Registration.

Matching Gift: If your company participates in a Matching Gift program, you must determine if the Foundation is an eligible recipient and submit the forms which you obtain from the company to us

All names submitted are subject to review and acceptance by The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.


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