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Liberty Bike Goes On Exhibit

October 28th, 2010

The famous “Liberty Bike” built by Orange County Choppers and featured on the popular Discovery Channel / TLC television series “American Chopper” will be on exhibit throughout 2011 in celebration of Lady Liberty’s 125th Anniversary Year at the Statue of Liberty National Monument beginning October 28, 2010. Paul Teutul Sr., Founder of Orange County Choppers, will be on hand to help open the exhibit.

This special motorcycle was commissioned by Gold Leaf Corporation and is entirely plated in copper that was preserved from the centennial restoration of the Statue of Liberty National Monument through an exclusive agreement with The Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island Foundation, Inc., under direction of The National Park Service / US Department of Interior.

Like the Statue of Liberty, the “Liberty Bike” is a work of art formed from copper and iron. There are many design features on this special motorcycle that were inspired by Lady Liberty:

-- The shift lever is crafted from a section of cable that once carried electrical power to Miss Liberty's torch

-- The handle bar design was inspired by the spikes in Miss Liberty's crown

-- The front fender and rear swing arm capture the appearance of the Statue's interior structure

-- The DaVinci designed carburetor is fashioned to resemble Miss Liberty's torch and lights up when the bike is running

-- From start to completion the Liberty Bike took only four and a half weeks to complete

This shining symbol of Freedom is the first in a series of fifty works of art in the “Liberty Ambassador” Collection crafted from Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island artifacts. As a rolling “Liberty Ambassador”, this meaningful work of motorcycle art has traveled over sixty thousand miles visiting communities and schools across America and has inspired hundreds of thousands on the meaning and importance of Liberty and Freedom. It has raised money for The American Red Cross, The National Children’s Advocacy Center, The US Special Olympics, The Ronald McDonald House and many other charitable organizations.

The exhibit opening on Liberty Island will be filmed for an episode of "American Chopper" and will air on The Discovery Channel / TLC.To learn more about the “Liberty Bike” exhibit, click here.

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