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2004 Heritage Awards

The Ellis Island Family Heritage Awards - 2004

On April 21, 2004 in the historic Great Hall at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum, six highly esteemed individuals were honored by The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation for their contributions to the American Experience. The 3rd annual Ellis Island Family Heritage Awards were hosted by NBC's Tom Brokaw. Five of the honorees traced their immigrant roots through the Golden Door of Ellis Island. This year’s event marked the inception of the Peopling of America Award, which honors an immigrant to the United States who does not trace roots to Ellis Island, but rather arrived at another time and/or through another port of entry.

In his closing remarks Foundation Founding Chairman Lee Iacocca said, “Ellis Island is a landmark that is half physical building, and half an emotional marker – a doorway to our past.” In congratulating the 2004 honorees he added, “How wonderful to come from this immigrant stock, rooted in dreams, and boldness, and endurance. It is a pedigree to be proud of.”

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I. M. Pei

Peopling of America Award

Mr. Pei is the first recipient of the Peopling of America Award. Born in China in 1917, he came to America via San Francisco in 1935 to study architecture at MIT and Harvard. This preeminent architect has designed over sixty projects in this country and abroad and has been highly honored for their excellence.

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