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2008 Statue of Liberty Holiday Collectible

September 1st, 2008



Celebrate your family’s American heritage this holiday season with Liberty 2008: Arrival, an ornament which depicts an Ellis Island era steamship arriving in New York Harbor in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, with a display of vintage immigrant luggage completing the scene. The sixth in a series of limited edition patriotic ornaments commissioned by The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc., this latest collectible is bordered with graphic elements taken directly from the balcony rails of the Statue’s torch. Additional sculptural details from the torch create the highly ornate, enamel-accented copper back of this three-dimensional ornament.

This new addition to the holiday collectible series is plated in the actual copper preserved during Lady Liberty’s historic centennial restoration in 1986 and is the last of three that are plated in the copper from the Statue. Designed and created by artisans in the U.S.A., this exquisite ornament is presented in an elegant copper-tinted gift box inscribed with the words “Sixth Annual Limited Edition Statue of Liberty Collectible” and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Liberty 2008: Arrival is the perfect holiday gift for friends, family, or business associates.

Available for just $24 at, the ornament’s proceeds will help to support the continuing work of The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation. Limited quantities of the first five collectibles in the series are also still available. Start collecting these special patriotic holiday ornaments today while supplies last!

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